Small Vase [Exposed]
Small Vase [Exposed]
Small Vase [Exposed]
Small Vase [Exposed]

Small Vase [Exposed]

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Glaze Color Dalmatian (Exposed)
RVPottery small vases are an excellent size for most dinner tables, providing a beautiful decorative piece to your collection without intruding on table space.


≈ 4" Tall
≈ 3" Wide at Opening

≈ 11 oz

+ Hand-thrown stoneware

+ Microwave, Dishwasher, and Oven Safe up to 450°

+ Stain & Scratch Resistant

+ U.S. sourced clay bodies

+ Vitrified stoneware fired to 2225°F (∆6)

+ Proprietary, non-toxic glazes made in-house

+ Semi-matte glazes are susceptible to artifical cutlery scratches.  These can easily be removed using a powder kitchen cleaner and a firm scrub brush or pad.

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