Our Glazes

Explore Our Proprietary Glazes

When we say made by hand, we mean all of it - including our glazes.  Each of our glaze options is a proprietary recipe, made and mixed in our studio, and exclusively found on RVPottery pieces. This guide will explain each glaze - its unique combination of color and texture, and some of the key ingredients that go into them.


Our Moonstone glaze is so much more than your average white.  As opposed to the high gloss whites typical with many ceramics, our Moonstone is a matte/satin finish with subtle accents of pearly white and natural clay - this is a white finish that looks and feels like handmade dinnerware should. Use it by itself for an elegant collection, perfect for any setting, or mix and match with any of our other glazes.


Speckled, white, and a matte finish - our Dalmatian glaze checks every box on the list!  A soft, natural white color and a speckled, handmade aesthetic, it serves as a beautiful neutral backdrop for food to pop and come to life. Whether your space is contemporary, rustic, or anything in between, Dalmatian compliments all interior styles and works well with all of our other glaze options.


Named after the subtle speckles peaking through the black glaze like stars, our Midnight glaze is a stunning matte black. With the subtlest of brown accents, Midnight provides the dramatic look of solid black, while retaining the details that only hand-glazed ceramics can have.


Rich brown in color and velvety to the touch, our matte Charcoal glaze adds an earthy, natural feel to any collection.  It works beautifully with wooden accents, and is at home with rustic design elements or modern. 

Woo's Blue

Is it green? Is it blue? Like the colors of deep ocean water or lush vegetation, Woo’s Blue is a lovely mystery that boasts subtle variations from piece to piece. With its gloss finish, it accents any of our matte glazes perfectly, giving your collection an organic look that freshens up any table.

Fib's Pink

First introduced at Nashville’s Little Fib, Fib’s Pink was too good not to stick around!  A gloss glaze with a just-right pink coloration, it makes a statement wherever it’s used, whether it be as the foundation of a collection or as an accent paired with our neutral glazes.

Looking For Something Else?

We are constantly continuing glaze development to discover new colors and textures. This results in limited production glazes that are sometimes offered in our store or our Instagram. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with any new glaze offerings!